Thursday, February 16, 2017

Dear Mc. Donalds

I know, you were once admired globally as a model of organizational efficiency, but we have both evolved since then.

I've been in your place for nearly 20 minutes now.  I ordered a large soft drink because I felt some remorse about coming into your place and using the free wi fi. I paid my dollar, and your underpaid worker behind the counter disappeared without giving me my cup.  I had to wait until someone else made it to the front, which took about five minutes.

Since that time, until now, the alarms in the back that say "you're behind on hash browns" have been going off nonstop. The crew, in the meantime, has been  standing around giggling. There were lines at the registers, and literally, no cashiers in place to take orders.

You are what you are.  We have all evolved..


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