Saturday, July 2, 2011

Misuse of Statistics #1: Collier County FL Women living longer

It's good to be a woman in Naples Florida!

If you've ever wondered where in the United States people are living the longest, you don't have the look very far. Women in one Southwest Florida county are topping the charts.

William Shakespeare once said, "A light heart lives long."

A new study shows Collier County women have the highest life expectancy in the nation, on average, living to the ripe age of 86.

'I've never felt happier and healthier since I moved to Southwest Florida," Liz Barrett said.

"There's generally high disposable income in Collier County," Dr. Daniel Kaplan said. "Certainly has to do with the ability to purchase better quality, higher quality foods. It also has to do with education and understand what types of foods may be more healthy for you>"

Where to go with this one... so many choices.

First of all is it not clear that like the very woman in the story that they move down there from elsewhere "after" they got old?

Secondly, what did they do with their men? Why do not men also live longer in the same area? There are too many ramifications of that to go into.

Thirdly, if you have ever been down there, you also know that they're elderly, and prosperous, but also from the June Cleaver/Harriet Nelson generation, who have been basically hanging around playing tennis since the 70's when Wally and The Beave moved out, i.e. less stress than today's modern women who do not have it quite so good.

The chamber of commerce won't care though.

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