Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Rental Karma

The service road into the rental car lot here in Houston is not well marked and I found myself in the middle lane needing to turn right.

I signalled in plenty of time for the two cars in back of me to see what I was doing. The closest, an idiot in a silver van, accelerated to get into my blind spot and cut me off. The second, little car of some kind, courteously slowed to let me in.

All three of us pulled in to the rental car lot. The van was forced into a long line at the check-in, but the little car and I were guided into the front of a new row, right in front of the escalator.

I approached the driver of the little car, an athletic young female. "Thank you for courteously waiting for me to change lanes" I said. She smiled and said "I had to get in that Lane myself".

" Your reward for being polite is that not only do you get to check your car in before that guy who rudely cut me off to save two seconds, but you get a shorter walk with your bag."

"Karma" she said.

"Yep. The universe  is in alignment" I responded.

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