Friday, March 25, 2016

What drives an ISO auditor crazy...

There are abundant work instructions all nasty and greasy on a row of welders... But no one has a complete set. No work instruction for machine #1.

"Where is the work instruction for that part?'

The quality manager says "oh, it's on the line somewhere. Maybe at another machine. The official version is in the computer anyway."

"Then why do you bother to laminate some of them, and hang them up out there?"

"Well the engineer is from a well-known Asian country and he is used to it."

"And does it bother him that they are not complete?"

"He does not know the difference. Anyway that is not his responsibility"

"And do you not find it difficult to get your workers to pay ANY attention to ANY instructions? "

"No they have all been here for years. If we want to do something different we just tell them.'

" and so why don't you just take them all down? They are filthy and cluttering up the place."

"The Asians"

"So what if there are some obsolete ones?"

" we try to take the obsolete ones out"

"So these things are for decorative purposes. "


"So is there any impact on quality from all of this?"

"No. In fact 90 percent of our customer complaints have disappeared since they announced the closing. "


"They are closing the plant. Model year phase out and they don't feel like spending the maintenance budget to bring in new models".

Me (thinking): " maybe, just maybe bad housekeeping or resistance to manufacturing discipline...or spending a lot of overhead money on work instructions that are ignored... Is not a good thing...

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