Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Dear Marriott Corp

I tried to make a $500 reservation at your place a moment ago.

When I entered my email into your reservation app, I got an error message because I did not remember my password  because evidently I signed up for your Rewards program at some point. You would have probably made me change my password anyway.

Your app said that you would email my password... But that didn't happen.

So I basically was stuck.  No password.  No way to make a reservation.

I called the 800 number listed on the app. The automated attendant couldn't understand my problem. I asked 10 times  for an operator. The attendant couldn't understand that either. Finally the automated attendant said " let me transfer you to an operator". Guess what? Office closed.  No operator.

Each one of these system failures got me just a little more frustrated.

So guess what? I got reservations at the Hilton.

So you spend millions on advertising, have some nice hotels and do maintenance so people will stay in them, people like me who pay the business rate...

I have my credit card ready to give you money...

And your terrible app cost you the sale.

Now we all know that for every customer that complains, 10 more have the problem and say nothing... So I am ready to say that your screwed up app is costing you $5000 a day and you don't realize it.

Let me know if you need some help solving this organizational efficiency problem.


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