Friday, June 10, 2011

Weed Whacker Quality

Sadly, I had a product failure last night on my less-than-a-year-old weed whacker. The little bulb you use to prime the motor has a leak. No gas in the carb equals no weed whacker.

So, where was the Non Conformance? First of all, the leak in the gas bulb after that short of a time is a 7.2.1 problem: The needs of the customer to have a weed whacker last longer than a year seems pretty obvious. There was either an issue in 7.3.5 or 7.3.6, verification of design and/or validation of design.
Maybe the weed whacker met all of the design specifications, but the problem was with the actual manufacturing. 8.3, non conforming product got to me somehow. I don't know how to tell.

I am working on a project right after this: Giving them customer feedback. They won't fix the problem if they do not get customer feedback....What do you guess that they are also coming up short on 8.2.1.

More on this later.

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